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DJ Skydreamer mp3 download, Reactivation download album, DJ Skydreamer mp3

Artist: DJ Skydreamer mp3
Album: Reactivation
Release: 2005 year



1Your Own Reality - mp3192download
2Back To The Future - mp3192download
3The Night Way - mp3192download
4I Feel Free - mp3192download
5Child - mp3192download
6Harmony Of Life - mp3192download
7Open You Mind - mp3192download
8Someone - mp3192download
9The Fate - mp3192download
10In My Emotion - mp3192download
11World Of Fantasy - mp3192download
12Stop The Music - mp3192download
13Sphere - mp3192download
14The Sun Of Love - mp3192download

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It's your Las Vegas lawyer - another long distance call
He says you get the house and the car
And I get the clothes I got on
Now she's gone
Long, long, long, long gone
Now I'm a happy boy

She's long, long, long, long gone

Operator get me Manhatten - get my baby on the line
Sooner or later she's gotta realize
That all my feelin's were for real
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She took the frigidaire
She got my favorite chair
You could say she got the best of me
It's like a legal crime
But in a matter of time
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Copyright 2005